Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things

1. I wear a sweatshirt at some point nearly every day that I received in 1989. It is gray and says "WJC" on it.

2. I have synesthesia.

3. I find the taste/smell of peppermint really offensive.

4. I love my work and have known almost exactly what I wanted to do since 2nd grade.

5. My favorite cookie is one I've made since 3rd grade. I have terrible cravings for it and make the recipe 1-2x/week.

6. In 7th grade I thought that although my parents couldn't afford ice skating lessons, I could still make the Olympics. I took a stack of library books (on skating) to the rink to teach myself.

7. I bake something for my family's breakfast nearly every day. Although I love these things (scones, muffins, biscuits, breakfast cookies, pancakes), I always eat granola (also homemade).

8. I am frugal and consider a life of simplicity a spiritual ideal.

9. Growing up, I was always picked last for games like kickball. I fell in love with running in my mid twenties and thoroughly enjoy being outside running, cycling, hiking and swimming.

10. I have loved fiber and fabric my entire life. In college I wove my own fabric and had looms in my dorm room (my roommate was very tolerant of the late-night clacking). I create quilts and sew handbags I design myself. I am terrible at sewing clothes which is really disappointing.

11. My golden retriever Sam is my soulmate. He's been with me for over ten years and until recently (when his arthritis worsened) was my running partner. He and I talk all day long.

12. I can't decide whether my dream house would be some primitive cabin in the woods or a loft in Manhattan.

13. I am not very girly when it comes to clothes. I love the kind of clothing sold in stores that also sell kayaks.

14. Erik calls me a shark, saying I would die if I were still. Even on a Sunday afternoon I am criss-crossing the house "annihilating" (his word) things off a list. If I'm not busy, I'm asleep.

15. I imagine I was the only 16-year-old subscribing to "Theology Today" (Princeton University's ecumenical journal). All my life I've enjoyed reading about religion and wondering about the why and how of faith.

16. Some people have a bucket of things they want to do in their life. My goals are more inner than outer, like being more kind, patient, wise, etc. I am sorely behind and would hate to meet someone less patient than myself.

17. I find the role of motherhood very challenging.

18. I feel like I'm ten again when I bicycle the country roads in my county.

19. There is a Luddite aspect to my personality. I despise cell phones and despite working in technology, find many gadgets "middling."

20. I find business thrilling and enjoy working on teams. My mentors are people who lead by practicing kindness, courtesy, dignity and respect - at the same time they are strategic, critical thinkers. I attempt to practice integrity in every moment with my work.

21. In the summer I make the best pie with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

22. I enjoy gardening and love the smell of fresh mulch.

23. One of my favorite things is attending the Indiana State Fair each August. I love the animals and am partial to the sheep. I hate fried foods and am the only one at the Fair looking for a salad.

24. I love reading children's books and want to hear the story and see the pictures as much as my kids. I am an absolute glut at the library and stagger out once or twice a week (most are children's books).

25. I took piano for 14 years and might've been a classical pianist were it not for excruciating stage fright. I own a piano and still love to play.


amyand said...

Yeah--love this!

Emily said...

Wow! So interesting! What are the cookies??!!

camillaknits said...

Love the list. Will definately not be sucking an Altoids next time I see you! Have you read anything by Karl Keating? I've loaned (and lost) at least three copies of "Catholicism vs Fundamentalism". I'm a fan of apologetics... (guilty shrug).

Fluid Direction said...

Loved the list!
Yes - email Alysa and I when Andrew plays in the city or nearby.


Robin/Indy said...

So interesting - things I would have never known about you. Also it made me hungry...
Always, Robin

La Cootina said...

Your list confirms what I suspected: You are a remarkable, interesting, funny, and very smart person who challenges herself...and the rest of us by association.