Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Quilts

I am not very good at "playing around" as an artist. Maybe it's the time of my life––work, husband, kids, house, exercise––I'm torn in different directions. When I do create something, I want it to amount to something.

I am aware, however, that always planning out a project directs me away from the "happy accident." And that, of course, is where artists grow (and have the most fun!).

Today I gave myself some "play" time. I've been wanting to sew on paper. These are on Strathmore card stock (4 x 6). It only took a few scraps of fabric.

Sewing on paper was trickier than I expected. The fabric flowed over the stiff paper making tension work differently. The needle made a funny snapping noise on the paper. I had to be aware of not overworking areas and making holes.

This would be fun to try with kids or anyone with little sewing experience.
I want to do more with layering.

This one (above) may be my favorite.
This looks like the larger quilt I've got on the back burner.
Even a simple design can have a lot of energy.


amywb said...

ann - you could sell these. they are fantastic!

Robin/Indy said...

Your favorite is mine too! They would make lovely cards or you could frame several for ?... looking at.
Always, Robin