Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Christmas is Coming"

What's with the barrage of Christmas catalogs? Is it my imagination or do they come earlier and earlier each year? I will try to think of them as a reminder to get handmade gifts moving (yeah, right!). I will spare you one of the red-velvet Christmas wreath photos I looked at, sitting here in my shorts. One of the things I liked about living in England was that Christmas happened at, well, Christmas.

Did you know...Bob Hope amassed an 85,000-page joke file, digitally scanned and broken down into categories, which he stored in file cabinets in a theft- and fire-proof walk-in vault in the office next to his North Hollywood home?

This is the best I can muster today. Next week I start a series of projects for a new client so this week has been crazy. I've been wrapping up both home and work projects. It's always like this before something new and big––it's like I'm gathering everything under the roof before a storm. The air feels static-y with change and transition. The kids are thriving at their respective schools which is wonderful. It's good to know the chicks are fine while the hen runs whilly-nilly.

Today I launched a new site for a client: - INphysics is a group of nuclear physicists in Indy. The only thing better than having a project completed is having a happy, satisfied client.

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