Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Field Trip to AppleWorks

At some time, every kid in Johnson County takes a field trip to AppleWorks. Matt got his turn this morning. It was a good time, for both of us, and the rest of Matt's preschool. The weather was perfect. We learned lots about apple farming; sampled apples, cider and baked goods; and got a tour both of the facility and of the fields. Matt was happy to pick two apples from a tree on the wagon ride. After the kitchen tour (did I say it had become more commercial?), I had to purchase cider and dumplings to take home. We've had their dumplings before and nothing compares (I'm counting down until dinner).
No one could've pried that bag from Matt's hand.
Matt loved the play area (with petting zoo and slide). That was one helluva slide. Too scary for me.
Matt's is still in his "bus" phase. He would've been happy sitting here all morning.


Robin/Indy said...

We love Appleworks too, Mike and I went last week - we took extra quarters to feed the goats and such and came home with cider, dumplings and apples. And that was a small purchase for us - I thought that slide looked a little scary too but the kids seem to love it. Did Matt do it?
Always, Robin

amywb said...

I know the pictures don't really show it, but I love that bug shirt! :)

Stacy said...

Sounds like great fun! Matt and I will have to venture out to an apple orchard this fall - what a lovely way to spend the day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Olivia just went the day before to Appleworks. It is the best! Olivia loves their Superman ice cream!!