Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heaven on Earth

It must be the end of the world--I bought doughnuts for my family. Erik did not believe I did, at first. He had to see the box.

I'm a wheat-granola-sticks-twigs sort of girl. My children are generally brainwashed.  Matt will do anything for a dried apricot. Sarah will whine and cry for an apple.

I never would've considered it except Erik has been talking for weeks about doughnuts. Dunkin Donuts is building in Greenwood and he's all but parked his car at the worksite.

Since DD is still a pile of rubble, Target was happy to oblige.

It was worth it for the incredulous looks.

Matt was shaking as I handed one to him. Sarah all but snatched one from my hand. Erik shut his eyes when he chewed. They were happy. And, so was I.

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Emily said...

You are so funny. What a great picture!