Friday, October 3, 2008

Trouble in a Fur Suit

Favorite Thing to Say "Take me on a walk--NOWNOWNOWBOWWOW!"
Currently Reading Advanced Humping Techniques
Working On Exasperating cry for 4:00 treat ["if the kids get a snack, shouldn't I?"]
Ideal Day Crisp fall day with Mom home with me, treats, a walk, and a nap in the sun (with lots of stroking)
What's New Celebrating ten-year anniversary with parents on Oct 2
Current Toy Tomatoes growing in backyard
Latest, Greatest Feat Back to longer walks (and a spring in step) after a summer of rehabilitation
Big Love Mama
Cookie of Choice Peanut butter

1 comment:

amywb said...

Happy anniversary, Sam! And stop bothering those tomatoes.