Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing with Blocks

I am making Very Slow Progress on my bedroom quilt. I figure I am now halfway through the piecing. Not finding much time to quilt or sew––I've been working long hours and have had strep throat this week. Making Christmas gifts will become a priority soon. No matter. I am happy when I can do little bits here and there. On Saturday I completed two blocks and was trying to figure out whether I wanted sashing or not between the blocks (still undecided, welcome opinions). I wanted to go willy nilly scrappy-crazy, with each block very different but decided to go for more consistency and faster completion. Blocks are 15 inches square which I hope makes a bold statement in a large room.

1 comment:

Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty! I think I would like it either way -- sashes would maybe make it look more structured -- highlinghting the squares. I guess it depends on the look you're going for!