Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Fun with Blocks

Freelancing is great when you want to work barefoot; it's terrible when you need to turn off work. Even when I shut the office doors, it's still here, at home with me. And when I'm swamped, on the weekends it whispers, "Don't you need to invoice So-And-So? How can you be doing That when you need to be doing This? Wouldn't you love to jump into that new project?"

Yesterday I drowned out the noise by cracking open the stash box, and starting the Bento Box quilt. This one promises to be a treat--it's small, simple, and the fabric––oh my. Gratification through and through. I can recommend this popular pattern–it's flexible for both novice/expert and it is well-written. It's also perfect for fat quarters. Yes, I am planning future projects with it.

I completed two blocks before the kids found me. This is the fabric I got in Cincy. I tell you––once you start using rich, beautiful fabric, there is no going back. The delight for me with these Japanese fabrics is not only the design and color (which is exquisite), but the texture. Each fabric has a different weave and texture. I admit to being a true junkie.

My little colorful corner of the world, as it looks tonight.

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