Friday, May 29, 2009

Chalk on the Walk

Our summer officially starts with Chalk on the Walk at the local library. We first gorge ourselves on reading material and then the kids draw madly on the sidewalk. And drink lemonade.

During check out, I was elated. I kept thinking, not even a $1000 Nordstrom gift certificate would make me this happy. All this reading––for free! And I can come back for more!

I'm in a reading phase right now and just finished Running After Antelope. I sucked it down in two days (witty, smart, dry humor, bizarre human portraits). Carrier is a long-time NPR and This American Life contributor. The book make me laugh out loud several times (this takes skill). Stay tuned for more book recommendations.

It's been a quieter week for me. Memorial Weekend was bliss––literally one day I gardened, one day I cycled in the country, and one day I sewed. Absolutely no computer, phones, lists, lines, driving, bill-paying, cleaning, work. I don't know the last YEAR I got to do something (let alone 3 things) for HOURS at a time without having to stop and switch to some sort of other task. I did finish the Japanese quilt top and love it but haven't yet photographed it. I also made traction on the other quilt in progress but as I'm not crazy about it and am considering using the blocks for bags to sell (it DOES look great in the bedroom, though).

My sugar-deprived children think the lemonade is divine!
Both kids were into drawing treehouses as we watched the Swiss Family Robinson last week.

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amywb said...

We are definitely soul sisters, Ann. I agree - the library is priceless! Looks like a very fun day - and the quilt top is fabulous.