Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Alfonso

On ONE occasion, I told Matt a story about "Hugo the Frog." He was sitting on the toilet (Matt, not Hugo) and I was desperate to keep him there. Frankly I don't remember much about the life of Hugo but Matt has asked a hundred times since about Hugo's livelihood and current status.

Saturday we met Alfonso the Toad. Apparently he is Hugo's cousin. Alfonso has chosen a cool and discriminating location under our Henry Lauder Walking Stick tree. Aloof as he is, he allowed Sarah's squealing and stroking. He seemed to enjoy Matt's tickling him with a leaf. He felt soft through my gardening gloves (I had to repeatedly take him home as Sarah kept abducting him).

It felt fitting to finish up our Beatrix Potter Treasury tonight with the story of Jeremy Fisher. I hope you don't lose your galoshes, tonight, Mr. Alfonso.

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amywb said...

I think I'm a little over emotional these days, but thinking about Matt and Sarah naming and adoring this handsome prince made me a wee bit teary. Ah, blessed childhood!