Monday, July 13, 2009

4H 2009

We're having a very good summer. I'm keeping things as simple as possible. Most days the kids play from sunup to sundown. Most days I'm working in my home office. We meet up to play in the backyard, take walks, read together, and eat snacks. Everyone is happy.

The summer has gone fast. This morning we bought school supplies for Sarah who is leaving for her grandmother's soon and won't be back until school starts on August 11.

It may feel weird to fill her backpack in July but it does feel like Fair time. The kids have grown so much since last year. Sarah finished her two 4H projects this afternoon. For Clothing, she is exhibiting a pillow. Since she did Level 1 last year, she was Level 2 this year. I'll vouch that teaching machine sewing is easier than teaching hand stitches. The pillow was a breeze.

The Foods entry was surprisingly harder. She chose to make breakfast cookies. It took an HOUR AND A HALF to mix them (my Type-A self nearly had an aneurysm). They taste delicious though. All of us are now counting down to the Fair. I think next year I'll do a pie––I still can't bring myself to part with one!


Cathy Kerwin said...

Joe and I road our bikes on the Katy trail. Lots of bluffs and views of the river. Stopped in Columbia to see your grandmother.
She is doing well for 92.

amywb said...

Is that a patchwork pillow? Go Sarah!