Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cow Patties and Lemon Shakeups

Tonight we made our annual trek to the Johnson County Fair. Not having grown up with the country fair phenomena, I'm completely fascinated every year. It's sensory overload––where does I start? The animals? The food? The people watching? 

The kids have been small for the rides. Mostly it's just fun to people watch. I wish I'd taken more photos of the rides. They're graphic and bright, with peeling paint and swirling screaming faces. Seeing them I always feel like part of a movie set; the midway seems like it's from another era.

I have a thing for sheep. Look at these fashionable ladies in their sweaters. I just had to scratch their backs.

The fair is for young and old, alike. I'm guessing it was a first year for these kids.

Win this, win that. 
The first night of the fair starts with a hot balloon race.
This guy was the last to get into the air.

Matt was reluctant to touch any animals. He was very interested to know that all the animals had food and water. Sarah wanted to touch every animal.

We didn't see any giant hogs. This dude was big and sleeping like most of his kin.
Besides getting a lemon shakeup, Sarah wanted most to see her 4-H projects. The two puppets by her ear are hers. [this picture is funny––she looks like a pin cushion with daisies coming out of her head!]
Here's her "kool kat" project. Hand stitching is hard for a first grader to grasp. She did well and both of us learned valuable lessons.
I love the big airy livestock rooms. It was a cool evening which makes everything smell better!
We're proud of tall corn here in Indiana!


SuzyQ said...

It is that time of year again isn't it?! Wow! Your pics were marvelous - they very much capture the feeling of the fair.

amywb said...

Yea, Sarah! Is that a blue ribbon I see? I'm still hoping we can accompany you guys to the BIG fair!!