Sunday, October 4, 2009

Different Hotel ZeeZoy

Summer has quickly slipped away and my little boy seems to be, too. He's growing taller. His face is fuller. He tells me things like, "I want to do this by myself and that means you go away." Before it's too late, I want to remember who he is in this time.

Favorite words and phrases:
Grown-uppy - acting like or being a grownup; as in "I will be a fireman when I am grownuppy."
Boobay - a word expressing 4-year-old frustration; as in "You are a boobay and I will not clean my room."
Beet-an-boss - unknown meaning and can substitute for several words (it is fun to say)
Favorite imaginary - second favorite; as in "My favorite color is red. My imaginary favorite color is blue."
When I am a fireman - during the summer Matt told us dozens of times each day what life will be like when he grows up and becomes a fireman. They were generally glorious, wonderful things. He also wanted to make sure I would bring food to the firehouse and we played a game called "Mom, please tell me what food you'll bring me when I am a fireman." Mac and cheese was first in the list.

Favorite friends:
Donny - Donny joined our family in the spring; Matt said he is 5. His father is a postman. So we've learned.
DeeDoy - DeeDoy arrived this summer. Once Matt said in the car, "Look! DeeDoy is out the window!" We all looked.
ZeeZoy - ZeeZoy, or "Different Hotel ZeeZoy," showed up at the hotel we stayed in during the canoe race. They apparently met by the garage elevator.
The Son - Matt calls his favorite stuffed animal his "son." His son is a green mouse with a purple anorak and striped shorts.

Favorite book:
Monkey with a Tool Belt - Judging from the library's copy, this is one popular book. Matt told his teacher he was wearing a tool belt, just like Chico Bon Bon, the monkey.

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amywb said...

The "son" cracks me up. I loved it when Liam had imaginary friends. Sign of a great imagination!