Friday, October 2, 2009

A Happy Birthday

That it will never come again is what makes life so
- Emily Dickinson

I awoke to find a ruptured water header but no mind, it was still a lovely day. E stayed home with the plumber, making a cake, while I biked 36 miles under a cool October sky. Tuna melt and homemade potato soup for lunch and then curling up with a novel (before a nap). No work. No computer. No kids. And two large pieces of yummy carrot cake.


amywb said...

Wow, that sounds about perfect. Glad it was a happy day. xoxo

Emily said...

Cutest picture ever! Happy birthday!

Robin/Indy said...

Happy Belated Birthday...sounds like a "great" day & you let the bad part just roll on by. Love the sewing some new fabric at the shop that Cami hasn't posted - you might need to take a look...Authentic/Moda. (some came home with me^^)
Always, Robin