Thursday, October 8, 2009

Foodies and Fabric

I generally don't watch tv but I've gotten hooked on two tv programs that I tape and watch during lunch. One is Diary of a Foodie (I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the now-defunct Gourmet doesn't ax the show). It is produced extremely well. Each episode is a sensory delight showcasing travel, people, ideas and techniques. My leftovers pale in comparison to whatever they're showing but then, I'm generally so absorbed in the show I'm hardly aware of what I'm eating. All episodes can be downloaded for free online. This grilled cheese recipe was amazing. Seeing Ruth Reichl is also fun since I loved her three memoirs.

The other show is Quilting Arts TV. I've purchased the magazine a few times but really dig the show. Each episode is equal parts inspiration and technique, showing me how to apply often-innovative methods step-by-step. Apparently individuals can create a login and view episodes online but QA seems to have issues with their site (there's a lot of resources online but they're hard to find and the login doesn't seem to work). Anyhow, the show is great and it would be appealing to both artists and crafters. The episode I watched today featured Jamie Fingal's "Heavy Metal Aprons" and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's scrappy, quilted scarves (omg, look at this.)

After watching either show, it's no wonder I have a hard time jumping back into work. I do need to fit in some sewing time--I've been dreaming at night about fabric stores.

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