Monday, February 25, 2008

Orange Crush

Right now I am trying desperately to work as a Highly Professional Web Designer and Get Things Done and NOT peek inside the new Gudrun Sjoden catalog which arrived today. It is gorgeous - cobalt, chartreuse, citrus - colors as bright as pigment. If you're not familiar with the catalog, they're Swedish and offer both clothing and home furnishings. Be inspired!


camillaknits said...

I think you can safely chalk up time spent in the pages of the catalog to "creative research" or "inspiration seeking" or some such thing. I love the embroidered *thing* in red and orange. Oh dear. Another catalog company to fall in love with. (if only Boden made home furnishings)

Dragonfly said...

the clementine website is looking great! I actually let out a gasp, and an "alright!"