Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still Standing

All better now, thankfully. Oddly there were a few minutes of "good" being sick. One: Sarah creating her own computer. She'd asked to use my mac but, selfish me, I wasn't about to chance day-old chili on the keypad. She marched off, returning with Exhibit A above. Note the paper clips securing the "web pages." The page displayed? A website for creating your own handbag. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Maybe I have a business partner right under my nose. Literally.
Incidentally, that's Sarah's bag under her computer. She chose the fabric from Cami's and sewed most of it herself. She adores that bag and saves it for her favorite doll's clothes. A few of my own favorite early-childhood fabric memories:
  • learning how to sew with burlap and a large needle
  • creating Barbie doll clothes out of fabric scraps, while sitting at my mom's feet while she sewed on her machine
  • crawling on the floor at Cy Rudnick's under fabric bolts, feeling the swishy material
  • jamming my mom's Elna and trying to fix it without her knowing (no, I wasn't allowed to use it)
  • buying a single button I loved with my own money
  • perusing Folkwear patterns and wishing I could dress in period costume all the time

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amywb said...

How creative! I think you have another designer in the house.