Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Bad Day in Six Words

My friend Amy has been captivated with the 6-word memoirs she saw on Salon.com. Usually my day isn't so bad but today ranked up there. Here's my day in a short, six-word, six-line stanza. I'll be positive tomorrow, I promise.

Bad day wanna cut off heads.
No internet access unhelpful customer service.
No email, using squirrelly Squirrel Mail.
Made big dinner Erik didn't eat.
Dropped dinner, Sam snatched, Matt moaned.
No nap tired little screaming man.

P.S. Good walk takes care of everything.

1 comment:

camillaknits said...

As for your previous post... bring it on, prairie-girl. I think you need to come in for a fabric fix just because it might keep you off the hard stuff. We don't want your brain melting down at an inopportune moment.