Friday, March 7, 2008

Diary of a Winter Run

Sam and I enjoyed a short run this morning. Here's how it went:

.4m - this is ridiculous, I can't see, they were right about the wind, maybe it'll get better
.7m - so far this is harder than a marathon, should I turn around? in 12 years of running I've only turned around once
.8m - I have pins in my face, the world is sideways, the wind is at 90 degree angle, warming up though
.9m - there's the school, do any kids see me running by the windows? I'm reminded of the time I was running in the summer and some kids leaned out a window and yelled "Hey! Casper!"
1m - what's wrong with me? I used to run in 2 feet of Chicago snow. I would treat myself with a chocolate chip bagel every day. Then try not to nap at my desk the rest of the day...
1.2m - there's the house with the kayak; I remember seeing the owner and his son playing a banjo and dobro in the driveway one evening
1.3m - there goes the FedEx truck; there's the house with the potsmokers
1.45m - what's this woman doing walking out in the blowing snow? Is she NUTS?!
1.5m - feel good, like I've had a relaxing hot shower, really! walk a few feet with back against the wind, yeah, I deserve this
2m - running again, how can the wind be coming from this direction, too?!
2.1m - ice/snow is dicing up my face; think of song: "Hello, my friend, hello..." Hate Neil Diamond, love snow, hate this snow
2.2m - love my sky-blue Montrail trail shoes; love Gore-Tex; love grapefruit in winter, yes I do
2.3m - think of box of  cookies Erik brought home yesterday from German Bakery
3m - glad to see school again; I love being outdoors in the snow; I love Sam and running with Sam outdoors in the snow, his face all white and smiley
3.1m - there's the FedEx truck again
3.4m - no thoughts, absolutely nothing but falling snow, Sam and me
4m - home, know that snowy runs are my favorite, ready to go again

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camillaknits said...

I think there are "special hospitals" for your ailment, darlin'... of course the devil himself would have to be after me to run across the street, and regular hospitals are full of fatty cardiac patients. At least you'd qualify for the cushioned room. I didn't know you were such a masochist... *rawr* Glad you had a great run with the four-legged friend. hope to see you soon. Cami