Monday, March 10, 2008

Chocolate Lollipops

I don't seem to tire of using Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipops fabric. Sarah tore a gaping hole in her jeans - here's where we ended up. These hearts are as much sewing as I've done in nearly 3 weeks. This is a record for me. I have been busy "working," the left brain dotting i's and crossing t's on web proposals. I'm doing my darndest but so far most is in the "hurry up and wait" category. A treat has been CDG's site (site coming soon, write away, Cami!) and a logo for an energy company (can't divulge that one yet, sorry). Today I talked my brains out in a meeting on Microsoft solutions, thinking "design is one freakishly diverse field."

Anyway, that's a long excuse explanation for why the Bernina has sat silent. I might as well list what new projects I'm considering. Tomorrow (cross fingers) I hope to start calculating yardage. It would be heaven if I could get fabric this week. Here's the list:
  • table runner - this one is inspiring
  • maybe duvet cover in AB's cherry wallflower
  • crazy placemats, I've been inspired by MA's scrappy mugmats
  • more bags - I have cool new pattern ideas but need to come up with a game plan to sell them (I don't want to end up like the cat lady, but with bags)
  • curtains for piano room (replace nasty medical gauze-looking eyesores); curtains for Matt's room (with great hope he may again be a napper)
  • finish vintage quilt probably for guest room with cool scrappy shams and matching dropskirt
  • more pajama pants - made some fun ones out of this, want some more out of this
  • want something, anything out of Nigella
  • need a skirt or two for spring
  • Sarah needs a dress for a wedding; shorts for her would be easy and fun (and save money)
  • should I think about getting started on Christmas gifts? what if I made everything for next year?
  • [Cami, are you scared yet?!]
Comment if you have any advice on which project to start first -- or any inspiration for additional projects!

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Anna Maria said...

we have jeans that look almost identical in this house :)

xo, Anna