Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Easel Fun

I'm certain that somewhere, in some language, "kids" and "creativity" and "spontaneity" are a single word. One minute: one child is asleep, another on a school bus. The next: they have emptied outside with paper and crayons and chalk. There is laughing and hugging and smiling. In my mind, it's a divine act, complete with fish and cats and bunnies and vases of flowers.

Even Sam-the-Dog looked on. He's fresh from his annual "puppy cut" which shears off inches of golden retriever fur. Shocking to see at first, he is cool and clean, ready for summer days.


amywb said...

Love that photo of Matt!

camillaknits said...

Oh, Sam... you're 'nakey'.
Love the kid pics. Did they turn the chalk into fingerpaints? That always happens here (blue is a disaster!) C