Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wedding Gift

My friend Sabine laughs easily. She is spontaneous and open to new experiences and people. Her house is like her––natural, artistic, and unique.

We met eleven years ago at an internet startup. It was the 90s, we were all doing well and having fun at work. Sabine and I organized "swap your lunch" get-togethers with our fellow eccentric coworkers. Then we organized a book club with Amy that morphed into more of an eating club. The three of us share a love of books, fiber, food, gardening, pets, travel, the outdoors, music, our children, and the arts. After I moved from Chicago, we have made trips back and forth to catch up in person. 

Sabine and Amy are responsible as much as anyone for my sewing mania. We exchange gifts at Christmas and Sabine has always crafted hers. After years of incredible scarves, mittens and a felted wool turquoise purse that still leaves me breathless, I started making gifts for her, as well.

So, for her wedding next week, I had to make her something. Since she and her man spend much time hiking and camping, I've gone with simple roll-up picnic place mats and a wine from a local winery. Sabine is German and I'm hoping the linen place mats have a European style and a natural feel. I hope she will enjoy them as much as I did making them.

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amywb said...

Oh, so cute. She's going to love them!