Thursday, May 29, 2008


My new favorite thing is Soak. I got a bottle at Clementine's a while back, intending to use it on my bed quilts. In the past I've dry cleaned my quilts which is a big no-no but honestly washing them was scarier. Yesterday I gave it a go and it was awesome. I washed a quilt Erik's grandmother made (I never met her but she apparently was a real Renaissance woman: farmer, peace corps volunteer, mother of 8, quilter). Soak took out most of the yellow age spots, brightened the whites and colors. Washing and drying it not only made it cleaner but the fabric has more body and softness. The best thing about the washing process is that you don't have to rinse. The smell is light to non-existent, too. I couldn't find directions for washing something quilt-sized but used 4 capfuls and it was perfect.


Emily said...

Thank you for that recommendation--I haven't tried Soak but now I will. Hey--did you make that quilt? I have a similar blue and yellow cross stitch quilt that I made in high school that my grandma quilted for me.

Camilla said...

Hey, you're hired! A Soak spokesperson. At least now I can say "my friend Ann used it on a vintage quilt and..."

and to answer your comment:
no soy casserole, but ground up veg in everything (carrots in meatloaf, beets in velvet cake, etc.) and then the parade of 'tastes' began... the Creole food phase ('blackened' anything makes me want to cry, as does fish roe, and I can't even say 'okra' aloud without shivering), the 'soul food' phase, the 'wild caught/collected' phase... which ended with a bang over bear steaks, from a *garbage* bear (they are extraordinary dumpster-divers, and the meat is most foul). Oh, the tales I have yet to tell... p.s. more Choc. Lollipops came in... most notably the "main" brown fabric that has been absent. Back in stock!

SuzyQ said...

I have seen it in Clemetine's just never looked close enough at what it was. We really don't have any quilts yet - but I really want some after seeing all gorgeous ones you can make with the fabric Clemetine's has!