Friday, May 30, 2008

Chalk on the Walk

When I was a child, I thought family traditions were something my parents organized and planned. At least for me as a parent, it's more like things just happen into tradition. Chalk on the Walk is an example. On the first day of summer each year, our library has a sidewalk chalk-fest. It must be a Very Big Deal to Sarah because she cleaned her room last night so she could go. The cold drinks are as popular as the purple chalk buckets. One year Sarah drew a pumpkin that, semi-protected under a building eave, lasted until Halloween. Boy were we proud each time we visited the library.

Note to self for next year: do chalk AFTER book borrowing. Today we did chalk, then went in to check out books. Inside the library, Matt was like a deranged monkey, chalk on his face and hands, moaning and crying. He knew people were outside drawing without him. Doing puzzles at the activity table was no equal alternative.

I'm not sure what Sarah was drawing here but she did draw a house using perspective. "Mom, let me show you how to draw a house..." I do have a degree in art but I learn from her every day. To see, and draw what you see and feel, cannot be taught.

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