Thursday, June 5, 2008


There is nothing like the common cold to knock you flat. I went to bed last night at 7:45 to get 11 hours of sleep. Today I am accomplishing zilch. Running errands, it feels like there is a wall in my head and I can't get to my brain.  I have funny thoughts like, if armed robbers came into the bank right now, I would not care. And, what month is it really? I realize there is a reason for the "do not use this product when driving a vehicle or operating machinery" warning on cold medicine. But go out I must: to deliver kids, replace spoiled food in fridge (which is suspiciously working now), and return library books. I have a client meeting tomorrow and hope something will line up inside so I will not blather and lay my head down on the conference table. Back home I have the guilty feeling I get when I'm sick: that it feels good to let everything go. Even if I'm sick it feels indulgent to just sit, read my Selvedge. I love the sound of the air kicking on, the house cool and dark, Sarah absorbed in her play. Holding a kleenex to my face I say it's not so bad having a summer cold.

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