Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rainy Season

My refrigerator was fixed today and I am exceedingly happy. Near giddy, in fact. The darn thing hasn't been reliable for a week. Throwing out "good" food and resorting to peanut butter sandwiches is enough to make anyone cranky.

It's been one of those "one thing after another" weeks. Sickness? Flooding? Insect infestation? It's felt like the biblical plagues in my house. Many people in Indiana are dealing with serious flooding and we were lucky enough to stay dry (and please keep our friends in your prayers). But there has been an uncanny list of little things (if can call the broken fridge, leaking air conditioner and swarms of carpenter ants devouring our fence "little"). I am learning more about laughing and keeping my cool. Here's an example: Sarah: "Uh, I think Matt missed his pull-up and pooped all over the floor." Me: "Um, really?" Perhaps the small things really are, well, small. I am trying so hard to see the good in everything.

So today I feel very lucky and the sun is shining. We are making chocolate cake to celebrate.

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