Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Blooms and Not-So Random Thoughts

Sarah and I had a chance to spend a long morning weeding. So much more to do out there. The kids and I have been busy with swim lessons, tennis, and reading. Both kids have been utterly fascinated with a muddy hole in the backyard (translate: laundry for mom). Sarah has learned how to tell time. Matt has learned how to say the word "yes." And, both have been creating their own living spaces inside. Sarah's is a covered tent arrangement, with just enough room for her. Matt's is composed of stacked stools, benches and several trays of his favorite small things: dinosaurs, colored magnetic letters, Thomas trains, rocks and more. We all seem to be living full force in a wild, unstructured pattern right now. Erik was home this last week and we saw the new Indiana Jones movie. More house headache: after fixing the fridge the week before, we noticed our A/C was leaking––a big watery spill bowing the wood base. We opted for a temporary fix since the quote was so outrageous (perhaps more than the cost of a new unit). Trying to get a bit of sewing done when possible. More on that and more when I can soon.

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amywb said...

Stunning photos! I have major lens envy.