Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Right now I prefer to think of the calm before the storm: the afternoon of gentle rain, me finishing up a custom order bag (above). Sarah, quietly creating clothes at my side for "Nicki." Matt awoke and we took a relaxing walk when the skies cleared. Ah... domestic bliss.

Things went downhill after that. It clouded over, lightening started up again and Erik came home to discover the refrigerator wasn't cool inside (and yes, I did my weekly shopping yesterday). After a few hours of pointless wishing, we filled a small cooler and crammed what we could into the freezer (miraculously still working). I wanted to go out for more ice but tornadoes were spotted less than ten miles away. So, at 9:30 the kids, the 70-pound dog and I huddled in the downstairs bathroom (no basement). In that moment I wasn't sure which seemed worse––the immediate reality of spoiled food or the chance we could get the roof blown off. I woke up today with a nasty cold. Today the fridge seems to be cold but I'm still expecting a technician. I'm trying to decide what to do about lunch––should I chance what's in the fridge?

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