Friday, June 20, 2008

Kids at Play, Mom at Work

This is my 100th post and I'd hoped to write something pithy and enlightening. But in the last day I've been busy with kids and clients. Right now I'm so exhausted, the space under my desk looks like a good spot to nap. My inclination as a mom sometimes is to think, "what did I get accomplished today?" Did I actually "do" anything? I have to remind myself. Here's a wrap for the last day:
  • swim lessons holding hollering 3-year-old (the water is freezing right now!)
  • run 4 miles, pushing Matt's jogger, chasing Sarah on bike
  • baby pool drag-out and take down (and kid mud cleanup/mosquito bite triage)
  • read with both kids
  • proposal for new client website (is this the easiest thing on the list?!)
  • Sarah summer math worksheets
  • watch Magic School Bus - Human Body video with kids
  • get purple irises from friend (thanks, Jen!)
  • visit Clementine's (get fabric for new bag, adore Cami's new Butler solids)
  • visit toy store (get birthday present)
  • sew on custom order bag (pics to come)
  • visit Jo-Ann fabrics (buttons and thread are 50% off through tomorrow)
  • help Sarah with piano practice
  • meals, diapers, laundry, half-hearted attempt at house cleaning
I need to put together a grocery list and hit Target but ordering pizza is sounding very good...

This idyllic moment lasted about ten minutes. Then Matt started screaming because Sarah wasn't sharing the water. And, I found Sarah painting all of her exposed skin with blackish-purple paint.

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