Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tennis Lessons

One sign that it's summer in our house: the silt the kids leave in the bathtub. I spent yesterday doing triage on the house, the laundry and the bills. Between being gone over the weekend and the busy-ness of the last few weeks, I felt really behind. I wouldn't say I'm caught up but I have crossed a few things off the list. And, we all have clean underwear.

Sarah started her tennis lessons yesterday. She whined about going but she was all smiles when I picked her up. My lessons began last night. They were really, really FUN. I loved it. The "teachers" are high school students but they are very good and I've already improved my technique. The group is small and friendly. There are mostly women, ranging from a minxy woman (who wore a "don't call me a cowgirl until you see me ride" tee) to bedraggled middle aged moms (like me) who would subject themselves to nearly anything to be away from kids for 2 hours. There is one token man––an attractive Brazilian; he's very good and I can't help thinking that he's a plant to increase class attendance.

Taking lessons in something sporty is new to me. I've run for years but at heart still feel like the girl always picked second-to-last for gym class. I felt like I had the heart of a ten-year-old playing tennis, even if my body felt like it was 38. Perhaps it's exhilarating to do something just because it's fun.

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