Saturday, June 28, 2008


It wasn't an easy week. Our fridge died for the third time. I did my best to not bludgeon the repair guy. I was also trying (sometimes in vain) to get the house in order for my sister's visit. She arrived yesterday from Kansas.

Jamie is a trooper with the kids. They climb all over her. Yesterday she and Sarah made a "memory box" with a kit from Lowe's. Jamie is good about playing with marbles and erasers and Barbies. She reads the Barbie-themed books to Sarah which I love so well (just kidding).

Erik got a new bike yesterday. He'd been pining for a "full suspension" mountain bike. He divides riding time between road and trail riding. Perhaps there's a road bike in my future so I can join him on rides.

This morning we attended the annual "Greenwood Freedom Festival" parade. It's so very small town and campy. We never miss it.

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SuzyQ said...

We missed the parade. :( But we did make it out the next day to all the little booths and things they had and made a pit stop at Mrs. Curls - of course! :)