Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bike Ride

If you fall out the back of my subdivision, you land, give or take a few feet, in cornfields. I don't normally run the country rides because the 60-mile-hour cars make me nervous. On a bike I feel bolder. The last two days I've felt especially bold, on one of Erik's bikes and, on a closed road. Movement has always made me feel free.Gravel is great fun with fat tires.
Go on, ride like a Girl.
I rode down the gravel road, close to the silos, but turned around. The road was a little secluded for me...

Another reminder I'm in Indiana.
Corn is beautiful, and not just visually. If you close your eyes, the swishing leaves sound like water.

The road ahead. Despite a very sore rump, I think I'll go farther tomorrow.


Michelle said...

What a gorgeous bike ride...and even better, I didn't have to get dressed for it! Found you through La Cootina -- she said you had a great blog and she was right :)

La Cootina said...

Wow - thanks for reminding me of the pastoral beauty and serenity so close to this urban metropolis. Ride a mile for me.