Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cincy Trip

We've spent the last two days in Cincinnati, visiting both the Newport Aquarium and the Cincy Zoo. Erik and the kids had a great time. Aside from feeling like I've been on a conveyor, viewing every animal species known to man, I had a great time, too.

Each of us had our favorite moments. Erik liked seeing the city, especially the Levee area. He thoroughly enjoyed his La Rosa's pizza. Sarah liked everything but staying in a hotel for a night was pretty special. I was unpopular for making the kids leave the hotel pool before drowning of exhaustion from our busy first day. Matt liked everything, too. He loved being able to walk free at the attractions and we decided he'd never had so much exercise. He did well walking and talked to us lots about what we saw which was a treat.

My favorite things were being with my family and, this will come as no surprise, visiting
St. Theresa's Textile Trove for the second time. Two and a half years ago, I became obsessed with African fabric and played hooky one day to visit the store I saw mentioned in a book about African quilts. Since that time, the store has closed and reopened in another location. Much has happened to my little hobby, as well––I now have a sewing machine and know much more about sewing than I did then.

St. Theresa's was quiet on a Friday afternoon. It's not a "quilt-fabric" store. It feels more like someplace in New Orleans, where someone in the back might tell your fortune. Maybe it's because it's dark with old wood cabinets and sells items from places that have voodoo and house gods. The store carries products from all over the world––Mexico, Bali, Africa, India, Japan. There is much more than fabric––buttons, beads, metal trinkets. You want to touch everything and know its history.

I had only a few moments (it was nearly dinner and the family was starving) but it was better than nothing. And, they had a sale (believe it or not, this had nothing to do with our trip planning!). It only took a few minutes before I found some Japanese lovelies. Oh, and lovely they were. I did much drooling and fondling: the store carried Etsuko Furuya's Echino fabric and other Japanese patterns with a toothy texture. I'm too tired tonight for pictures of my prizes but maybe tomorrow. Just look at these buttons (there was a whole wall and I didn't have a chance to finger a one).

What I like about a store like St. Theresa's (besides being edgy and extraordinarily unique) is that it reminds me to appreciate fiber beauty, in all its forms. It reminds me of the history of cloth and of the similarities we have with our sisters around the world. I am also reminded that I can sew any way I want, in any style. And, like I found when I did my African quilt, that creativity means I can try something and then try something else entirely different. And that I should.


Robin/Indy said...

Sounds like a place for a field trip - exciting! I want to see your stuff.

Stacy said...

Did you see the crazy rare rhino at the cincy zoo? I found it very intriguing - that and their bug exhibit with the leaf cutter ants crawling all through it! We didn't make it downtown though :( - I tuckered out after the zoo and Krohn's Conservatory. I will have to check out that little shop next time we make it by.