Friday, August 8, 2008

Growing in the Garden

Despite trying, I've never had any luck growing tomatoes. So this year I've been astounded with the dozens of little baby fruit-heads. The vines themselves are out of control––at least 7 feet and growing daily (thank goodness we got those stakes into the ground, Mom). Nothing for me to eat yet but they are on their way. Do I pick them before they're ripe-red and let them ripen in the sun? I'll be waiting at the kitchen table, with salt and pepper in each hand.
And, each year I try growing plants from seed without a single sprout. Moonflowers? Sunflowers? Wildflowers? Herbs? Not a single sprout. Until this year––I have quite a pumpkin patch. Two varieties even, white and orange. I had to cut down perennials to make way for them. I think the blossoms are beautiful although I have an urge to squeeze them!
I love the curly-q vines. 
This guy wants to explore next door, too. Hours after taking the picture, I noticed my neighbor tucked him back into my flower bed.

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