Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Moon

It is a new season for me. Starting Tuesday, both my children will be in school more than they ever have been. Work/home balance has been vital to me and, in the last three years, I have limited work opportunities to make home work (so to speak). I have loved being with my children. But I am passionate about web strategy and entrepreneurial spirit. After twelve years, creating a web site is still thrilling. Now I have the chance to really grow my business again (not just fan the flames of something that was). I am excited. Scared.

On Tuesday, literally in the first hour of this new phase in my life, I have an interview to discuss an interesting opportunity. The big question is this--should I wear?! I have essentially been wearing the same suit for years (and I fear it shows). The rest of my wardrobe? Do "Life is Good" tee shirts count?

So this morning Erik shooed me out of the house. Without kids I could've run all the way to Circle Centre. At Nordstrom, I was a movie star. I even let a saleswoman help me find new looks. I got three tops (my favorite is below). For a girl on a budget, it's a start.

Wish me luck.


Stacy said...

Lovely top! Good luck on your upcoming endeavors! And if you ever need some extra help in the design/web department - let me know! I am always in for a freelance project!

amywb said...

You should be able to get any job in that top!