Monday, August 11, 2008

Things That Fall Off Trucks

One day last week I was out running and saw a jumbled pile of rocks by the road. They had obviously fallen off a truck as they were strung all over by the side the country road and down into the ditch. Four days later, when I ran that way again, they were still there so I drove back to get them.

The funny thing is that all summer I have really wanted some large rocks for the garden. Just like these. But all summer I have thought, "want, not need" and tried not to obsess about the whole thing. I mean, rocks in the backyard are a pretty low priority (we don't eat rocks). So--here were free rocks, just for me to enjoy.

Erik thinks the whole thing is funny, too. Especially the part that they "fell off a truck." He's made up a story about how I brazenly got the rocks out of someone's yard (obviously it's funnier if he told it). But it's not true.

I could've gone out and purchased rocks this summer and I would've enjoyed them. But there is something cool about finding them. Especially after I waited patiently.


Stacy said...

Haha! That is great! Maybe I should go out taking some walks and see what I can find - how about patio pavers and lumber?! ;) JK!

amywb said...

I love stories like that. Wonder where I can "find" some new carpet.