Monday, April 7, 2008

Early Birds

This morning I got up without my alarm. It felt good to be back into the routine, after a week off. I started the dishwasher, did a load of laundry. Ate a grapefruit and granola. Checked email. Sarah was not happy to be roused, but she never is; Matt popped out of bed. The kids ate. Erik read the paper. At 8:20 I pushed Sarah out the door to catch the bus, eager to walk Sam and Matt. At 8:30 I noticed the bus hadn't come and, besides Sarah, there were no kids at the other stops. What was wrong? Did I get the break dates wrong? Erik pointed out it was not 8:30 - but 7:30! Last week we left the house each day at 7:30 and I'm guessing my body is still on that schedule. My neighbors are probably still wondering (or laughing!).

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amywb said...

That is too funny. Poor Sarah! She sure looks cute in Sunday's hat post, though.