Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Spaghetti sauce. Grape jelly. Sloppy Joes. My family will never truly appreciate these placemats. They were a learning experience, too. The best part: practicing a slip stitch that would make an Amish woman weep. The worst part: ripping out 22 rows of stitching, after I decided I didn't like it ribbed. I think of designer Steve Tolleson's quote: "The absolute most challenging thing is to do something simple. Because simple has to be perfect." And so it was with the placemats. I am thinking Christmas would be the right time to do more. (No, you cannot twist my arm, Mom.)


amywb said...

beautiful! and I love that quote.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, these are awesome! I don't understand the reference to slip stitch and ribbed though -- they look quilted! I'm a dope and I need a remedial explanation LOL!

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

I had to hand stitch side openings. What I'm calling "ribbing" is quilting - I'd quilted quarter-inch rows over the entire placemat - it was way too busy that way. I still am in awe of your napkins, with the blue-dot binding. :)