Sunday, April 27, 2008

Making Choices

I am encouraged to read about people making changes in their daily habits to benefit the earth. In my house we are trying to do more, too. For a year or so I have been using canvas bags to shop (and not just for groceries). I am limiting driving (reducing and planning errands, and having “no drive” days). My goal is to reduce my driving and gas consumption by a half. One joy of driving less has been bicycling Matt to preschool. We are the only ones who do this (although, surprisingly, we don't live the closest). It takes no time at all and is great fun for both of us (especially on warm sunny days!). We’ve been recyclers since we lived in Chicagoland but I want to do more to reduce initial consumption and was happy to find The service is free and allows individuals the opportunity to control mailings. The web interface is well-designed (of course I would notice, right?) and it's simple to sign up and get started. The service is sponsored by the Ecology Center and endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation and others. While I might initially miss a handful of catalogs, I am hoping more retailers will take notice and offer online versions of their catalogs as well as reduce mailings.


SuzyQ said...

So far I have been trying to take the bus a few times a week - definitely been using the canvas bags instead of plastic bags at the grocery store (which hasn't been a hassle at all - I figured the store staff would have a fit but more were just surprised and seemed to enjoy the out of the ordinary event of bagging with a customers bags). We have also take up composting - have always recycled. Even got the office into recycling more - wohoo! In fact, we just signed up with a recycling company to come pick up everything on a set schedule - before it was me lugging everything to my car and to local facilities - it ended up being quite a bit for one person in a 13 person office.

camillaknits said...

OMG... please don't read my blog post for today. I was feeling all ranty and grouchy and Melly was supposed to stunt in for me, and I just clicked over here to read your blog. I swear I wasn't aiming at you... truthfully, I'm miffed about the possibility of losing the world's best lightbulbs, and was just grousing in general about the overt pushiness of some of the green campaigns. I have to go clean my cloven hooves and horns now. Bye.