Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The kids and I are on spring break this week. Sarah has art camp across the city during the mornings so, instead of doubling the long drive, we are walking and seeing the city. This was part of my plan when I registered her - soaking up spring sun and perhaps a picnic. Ha! For the most part it has been chilly and gray. Still we have seen, felt, heard, touched and tasted much. Some random things:
  • a swollen river
  • quilts made by Amish women for each other
  • wild onions
  • Wild Oats
  • Anthropologie
  • hot pink fabric prints
  • hot mustard
  • red pepper bean dip
  • glass tiles
  • the heat from glassblowing ovens
  • green bridges
  • green grass
  • plant nurseries readying for spring
  • Orangina
  • smoking fire
  • loons, otters, foxes, birds, and a bear
  • parking garages
  • cash, checks
  • runners, walkers, a wheelchair
  • kayaks and Smartwool argyle socks
  • a birdhouse
  • Zoobs, gears and a concrete mixer
  • rain, warm air, cold air, sun, wind
  • kitchen towels
  • big homes, people without homes
  • goatsmilk hand cream
I have two more days before I return to the life of house, bills, work, and school.

*The above pics are from today - we strolled through the Indianapolis ARTSPARK.


Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pics -- it looks like you've had a wonderful, relaxing time!

amywb said...

That wonderful list reads like a poem or a "thank you" prayer.