Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Last year, on this day, a wonderful thing happened––I got a sewing machine. You see, I'd wanted one for years (being a weaver and cradle fiber-holic) but my frugal, always-working corporate (cringe) self always won out. "You––have time to sew?" "How does SEWING fit into your resume?" "Show me the money, Girl Who Sucked in Home Ec." Then, Something Happened, although I'm not sure what. I was maniacally quilting (by hand). I was exhibiting squirrel-like hoarding in regard to fabric. There was a tax refund...

I don't sleep with it anymore (just kidding) but it's been a very memorable year of color, creativity and community.

By the numbers:
  • 18 - Years since I'd sewn with a sewing machine
  • 0 - Days I'd had the machine before I started wanting to sell things
  • 4 - Aprons
  • 2 - Hats
  • 3 - Quilts
  • 6 - Placemats
  • 3 - Sewing classes
  • 1 - Fabric store of choice
  • 13 - Gifts made for friends and family
  • 2 - Projects done with daughter
  • 1 - Seam ripper, used numerous times
  • 1 - Iron and board, wondering why I'd never used them before
  • 1 - Handbag for me
  • 1 - Blog where I yack on about what husband calls my "crack habit"
  • 37 - Handbags for kind folks
  • 1 - Charitable contribution
  • 21 - Items sold
  • 1 - Contest entered (not won)
  • 1 - Zipper inserted
  • 1 - Pair of pajama pants
  • Countless - Projects in the works


camillaknits said...

It takes a brave woman to document her 'squirrel-like' tendancies... I'm on some strong meds, but there's no way you could drag all that info out of me (of course, that would mean I'd have to sort, catagorize, acknowledge... gah.) Hope the Bernina Birthday had some sewing in it! C

Emily said...

What a fun list! (And seriously productive.) Hooray for the crack habit!

Thimbleanna said...

Ha! What a cutie you are! Happy Bernina Birthday -- although, you know I'd be more excited if it was a Viking birthday LOL -- ok, just kidding! I love that Cami's is your shop of choice!!!