Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Hole Is to Dig

Feel. Dig. Scoop. Pour. Squint down holes. Gather pebbles, worms, flower buds, anything. Buzz like bees. Run run run. Lie in grass. Walk on ledge. Walk on ledge again. It makes me happy––the boy loves being outside as much as the girl. They slip out, rooms messy, homework unfinished, piano untouched. I drag them in for dinner, dusty, dirty, rosy, and smiling.

[If you haven't read A Hole Is to Dig, then you're in for a treat. Krauss and Sendak's classic book, published in 1952, is for light hearts of all ages.]


SuzyQ said...

I replied to your question about where I got my garden plans on my blog post - but wanted to give you the links here on your own blog as well. :)

My husband isn't handy either (he like to think he is - but this was the first real "building something" project he has done) - he did a pretty good job! It took him the good part of an afternoon to do and all he needed was a drill - I think.

Here is the link to the plans we used (they didn't have 4x4 posts at Lowe so he improved the posts in the corners with 2x6 I think).


Good luck!

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...


amywb said...

the digging, the dirty, the preference for outdoors over all...sounds just like our days. by the way, you're a good writer.